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Will.I.Am- “It’s a new day” video

“I woke up this morning
Feeling brand new.
The dreams that I been dreamin
Finally came true.”

Hologramed-in Will.I.Am and his real counterpart have been a pretty great asset to President-elect Barack Obama. The viral video became a real force to be reckoned with this election.

On Friday, he released his latest video–a celebration of Obama’s victory. It has the usual visits from celebrities (Fergie, Kyra Sedgwick and husband Kevin Bacon, etc.), this time dancing in celebration. But more importantly it has that same energy of optimism and possibility.

I don’t know how long the fact that Obama won will give me chills. I hope forever. It’s a great feeling.

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The line outside the Times

It’s day three now, and the line outside the LA Times won’t let up.

by Spencer Weiner, LA Times
by Spencer Weiner, LA Times

As much as I’d like to believe these people are buying dozens of papers and plaques for their own pride in this monumental moment, EBAY tells me differently.

People are selling them.

And while I get that America was built on entrepreneurs and go-getters, there’s something kind of horrifying about this get-rich-quick scheme going on under my nose. I can’t quite explain it, and I admit that it doesn’t make sense that this annoys me, but all I know is that it does.

When the sales ladies across the hall are yelling about how one plaque went for $500 (I think they cost $10 downstairs), I get annoyed. I think it’s because–while this moments is HUGE–those papers won’t be worth anything in a decade.

I like to think that people are buying up the paper in bulk because they want a historical record of this moment, but I have a feeling most just want some extra cash in their pockets.

See comprehensive article here.

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A great day for the newspaper, too

Because of yesterday’s historic results, print newspapers are having a SOLD-OUT day. Literally.

When I was walking down the street in downtown LA on my way to the Times building, I saw people walking with stacks of newspapers. That’s something you don’t see everyday around here. Or anywhere.

A friend of mine said he’s having trouble finding a San Francisco Chronicle, and in LA there are signs on every empty box saying where you can find a paper. Luckily, being in the LA Times building, I was able to grab one or two.

Everyone wants to remember this day. And they don’t want to just print out the article from their computer. They want to hold that newspaper in their hands. They want to hold history in their hands.

I guess that’s how you know this is really a moment that will last forever.

See article here.

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CNN’s Hologram

While watching my fifth hour of CNN election coverage last night, I was BLOWN AWAY by the advanced technology the station was using. They had a giant interactive wall that seemed to work like a mega-Iphone.

But more importantly, they HOLOGRAMED people in. I doubt that’s a verb, but it should be. For example, Will.I.Am was in Chicago at the Obama rally, but was beamed in for an interview with Anderson Cooper (see video below). Just like Star Trek/ Wars. Who knew we had come so far.

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Yes we did.

When I saw him speak in person, I was shocked by his genuine optimism and love for this country and its people. He spoke with a power and a purpose I have never seen in a human being. But what I noticed more than anything was the way people reacted to him. I knew then that there was a light for our country. And our future.


This was more than a battle of two men.
This was a race about more than
or upbringing
or status.
It was about more than
or power.
This was about America
and Americans
and the fact that
underneath it all
we’re all optimists
who believe we can be better than we are.
This was about believing
in our future
and ourselves.
This was about HOPE.
And hope never dies.
No matter how poor,
how alone,
or how desolate things become.
Hope triumphs.


To the future….


Sarah Palin went to my Alma Mater. Oh the shame.

I’ve always been impressed that Obama lived in Hawaii. Having spent two years there myself, I appreciate the diversity of that state. Nowhere else in this country is there such an accepting and welcoming atmosphere. Race and ethnicity are far less important there, because so many people are mixed, and-like myself-have a certain understanding for people from all walks of life.

But now, I find that Sarah Palin went to my school, Hawaii Pacific U. But then again, she also went to four other schools, including University of Hawaii (she left there after a month because it was “too rainy.”) It’s clear that Palin jumped around from school to school, never really soaking in the atmosphere of any one place. So I guess it doesn’t matter after all.

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Obama talks about Lily Ledbetter in debate

Sen. Obama mentioned Lily Ledbetter, a woman whose story I became pretty familiar with, in his debate tonight. Ledbetter accused her employer, Goodyear Tire, of decades of discrimination after she discovered that for nearly 20 years she had been paid less than her male counterparts at the company. The Supreme Court decided she had waited too long to file her claim.

I became familiar with this story while fact-checking an article for Ms. Magazine. Check it out here. The story will blow your mind.

Lily endorsed Obama/ Biden in September.

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Four Days Behind the Scenes in Denver

I often wonder what it’s like for the Obamas. Several cities (or states) visited in a day. Not a moment to stop. The pressure of the country upon you.

The Obama campaign released this behind the scenes video. Sure, they know there are cameras watching, but there are moments that seem so innocent here. About half-way through Obama does a dance and talks about the Jonas Brothers. It will melt your heart.



This is our moment

When I talk to my parents and grandparents,
They remind me
That I never lived in a world
Before the internet,
Before itunes, iphones and ipods,
Before people of all color could go to school together.

I missed Martin Luther King Jr.’s speech,
And the protests against the Vietnam War,
And watching a man land on the moon.

I missed it all.

But for my generation, this may be our moment.
This may be the moment that our children ask us about.
Because for them,
Every president WON’T be a white male.
For them,
Diversity and optimism
Will be as common and widespread as itunes and iphones.
Or so I hope.