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Obama talks about Lily Ledbetter in debate

Sen. Obama mentioned Lily Ledbetter, a woman whose story I became pretty familiar with, in his debate tonight. Ledbetter accused her employer, Goodyear Tire, of decades of discrimination after she discovered that for nearly 20 years she had been paid less than her male counterparts at the company. The Supreme Court decided she had waited too long to file her claim.

I became familiar with this story while fact-checking an article for Ms. Magazine. Check it out here. The story will blow your mind.

Lily endorsed Obama/ Biden in September.


Dante Moore talks back– and in almost complete sentences!

I was *shocked* today when I got a blog comment from THE DANTE MOORE himself. The comment is attached to my other post, but I thought I’d just copy this little gem here:

“The Re-Educator has entered this blog and graced the female population with his presence. Well, well, well. Look what I happen to come across today on wordpress. Women who disagree with the book before reading it, what a surprise. I’m reading so much sexual frustration from you women. Maybe your complete lack of understanding about men is a major reason why you’re probably single and alone. You better wake up before its to late.”

First of all, I’ll go ahead and say that it is almost hard for me to believe that this is actually Dante Moore and that he actually talks/ writes like that. But let’s get to the issue at hand here.

One, he seems so shocked that women would hold their own opinions of the vile and pathetic message of his book.

Two, just because I have an opinion, does not mean I am sexually frustrated. Believe it or not, women can have opinions. I know many smart, independent women who have happy, healthy relationships built on equality and respect. I don’t know what kind of women the unmarried Dante hangs around, but I don’t know ANY who are so spineless and lost that they would listen to his insane rhetoric.

Clearly, there is NO doubt that Dante Moore is simply a sexist, egotistical man who has masked his narcissism into a book. A pathetic attempt to leech off of women’s insecurities.

Finally, while I don’t want to get into the personal here, I am neither single nor alone. My life is very full and I have real success in relationships mainly because I only date men who treat women with RESPECT, something Dante clearly knows nothing about.

I’m not going to write about this book pathetic work of fiction anymore because I don’t think it deserves that much attention. It would be for the best if we all just ignore the book pathetic work of fiction–and Dante– and hope they both fall off the face of the Earth.