Sarah Palin went to my Alma Mater. Oh the shame.

I’ve always been impressed that Obama lived in Hawaii. Having spent two years there myself, I appreciate the diversity of that state. Nowhere else in this country is there such an accepting and welcoming atmosphere. Race and ethnicity are far less important there, because so many people are mixed, and-like myself-have a certain understanding for people from all walks of life.

But now, I find that Sarah Palin went to my school, Hawaii Pacific U. But then again, she also went to four other schools, including University of Hawaii (she left there after a month because it was “too rainy.”) It’s clear that Palin jumped around from school to school, never really soaking in the atmosphere of any one place. So I guess it doesn’t matter after all.


Aaaaahhhhnold Strikes Again

If I could pick one person to represent California abroad, it would be Arnold. He has such an excellent track record: polite to women, smart about politics, very articulate and has gotten a whole lot done in office….right.

So, seeing as the Austrian-born governor sat down with the German magazine Der Speigel, I am not surprised that he gave some real gems of new quotes.

He doesn’t talk to the Republican Party–because they are crazy (politically). Nevermind that he is a part of that party. What a party pooper.

Of course, he went on to call Sarah Palin a “good looking woman” because, really, to Arnold, every woman running for office should be judged only on her looks. But wait, he also says she is “feisty.” Good. Glad we cleared that up.

Maybe something was lost in translation? Somehow I doubt it.

Lots of people in Los Angeles–dare i say California– have problems with their identity, with consistency of their statements, and with being misogynistic pigs. I just wish we weren’t represented by one.