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Obama talks about Lily Ledbetter in debate

Sen. Obama mentioned Lily Ledbetter, a woman whose story I became pretty familiar with, in his debate tonight. Ledbetter accused her employer, Goodyear Tire, of decades of discrimination after she discovered that for nearly 20 years she had been paid less than her male counterparts at the company. The Supreme Court decided she had waited too long to file her claim.

I became familiar with this story while fact-checking an article for Ms. Magazine. Check it out here. The story will blow your mind.

Lily endorsed Obama/ Biden in September.

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Four Days Behind the Scenes in Denver

I often wonder what it’s like for the Obamas. Several cities (or states) visited in a day. Not a moment to stop. The pressure of the country upon you.

The Obama campaign released this behind the scenes video. Sure, they know there are cameras watching, but there are moments that seem so innocent here. About half-way through Obama does a dance and talks about the Jonas Brothers. It will melt your heart.


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Obama at La Raza

I took some video of Obama’s speech at the La Raza Convention in San Diego (see my story with nearly 10,000 hits here). It’s a tad shaky, but when all I’ve got to work with is a little hand-held camera, well, that’s all I got.

He speaks about the American Dream and the Latino vote, so take a look. And if you haven’t seen him speak in person yet, I suggest you find a way.

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No one can say that Obama didn’t fight hard for this. And maybe we can be grateful for Hillary’s stubbornness because she made Obama really fight for this. Finally, he has reached 2,158 delegates, and he is the Democratic Party candidate.

Months ago, I was at an Obama rally in Los Angeles, where Michelle Obama, Oprah and Maria Shriver spoke in support of him. I felt at that moment that I was possibly witnessing something historical. Now I know.