Sixteen degrees of craving bacon

By Rebecca Ford, Metromix

Bacon. Bay. Con. B-A-C-O-N.

Sometimes just saying the word out loud makes us feel all warm and toasty inside.

The undisputed King of Cured Meats has developed a rather large fan following, sparking full-blown bacon-mania in recent years. And with International Bacon Day on September 5, we’re getting into the spirit with this collection of scrumptious (and totally strange) products inspired by—you guessed it—bacon.

Bacon lip balm. Bacon wallets. Bacon lollipops. Why haven’t you started clicking already?

See it all here.


Back to School Shopping guide


By Rebecca Ford, Metromix

As summer, suntans and lazy days fade away, it’s time to find some new goodies for the school season. And whether you’re actually heading back to class or just want to rock the Zack Morris couture look all year long, you’re going to need to invest in some new gear.

From solar-powered backpacks to custom built bicycles, we’ve gathered up the best school-inspired gifts and gadgets just in time for fall semester.

You can thank us by letting us copy off your calculus homework….

See the whole thing here.

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Writing and missing


I wish I had more time to write on here, but the days pass so quickly now. My plate is full, and I’m loving it. I’m working at Metromix, still writing for The Cinema Source, trying to write a book or two and spending my free time enjoying this wonderful city. There are so many times throughout the day that I want to write on here, but like I said, time just flies.

I went to a show at the Laugh Factory the other night. Dane Cook performed, and was pretty honest about his recent troubles with his brother stealing $4 million from him. I can’t imagine that sort of betrayal. Like he said, “I’ll give you my two cents–but I’m going to need that back.”

There were drunk hecklers in the show, and they actually got removed during Dane’s part. Later, as we were leaving, a huge brawl started in the street. Of course, the hecklers were the source of it all.

Now that I am done with my trips (Hawaii, Vegas, San Francisco), I am already itching to travel again. I want to go on a cruise, go to Puerto Rico, and head back to Europe…. It really is an addiction, but not a bad one to have.

I am on Twitter now… It’s been more prosperous than I ever could have imagined. I’ve gotten copy editing jobs and a free starbucks card, and it’s only been a few months. I definitely recommend it to everyone, especially media types (if any still exist–layoffs are more common than drunk celebrities these days).

I am still trying to reach my goal of really having adventures in this city. Things like seeing Dane Cook at the Laugh Factory, and we’re seeing Rent in March…. Los Angeles is wonderful (no matter what anyone says) because the city is so alive. There are so many opportunities for art, culture and adventure. I just want to experience as much of it as I can.


Five balls


I’m reading “Suzanne’s Diary for Nicholas” right now and there was a really interesting passage on a balanced life:

“”Imagine life is a game in which you are juggling five balls. The balls are called work, family, health, friends, and integrity. And you’re keeping all of them in the air.

But one day you finally come to understand that work is a rubber ball. If you drop it, it will bounce back. The other four balls…are made of glass. If you drop one of these, it will be irrevocably scuffed, nicked, perhaps even shattered.”