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Why working at clubs is like the end of the world

I have worked at nightclubs for the past couple years. It pays the bills. However, I’ve always known I need to get out of this business ASAP. It’s a little dangerous, especially when the night is over. There are so many drunk people wandering the streets, and sometimes people are of a “rougher” crowd if you will.

 Last night, as I walked to my car at about 2:30 am after work, I found a CRIME SCENE blocking my entrance (and exit) to the parking lot. Yellow tape. Police. And ambulance.


A shooting crime scene with a BODY blocking the driveway.

One drunk guy crossed the tape while I was there, and was promptly arrested as a cop screamed, “There is no way I am letting you contaminate my crime scene.” That’s all I needed to hear.

Needless to say, the police didn’t give a damn about our cars stuck in the lot, and so I have to go pick up my car the next day.

I wasn’t alone in witnessing this mess. A TMZ camera man was walking back to his car when he saw the shooting. His report is here.

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