A man on a mission

If YOU were a Brazilian politician who had his own Tv show, how would you go about getting new material for your show?

How about committing murders, and then coincidentally being the first person to show up at the scene and get it all on tape?

Wallace Souza, who is also an alleged drug trafficker, may be doing just that, killing competing drug traffickers off, and then using the graphic footage to boost his ratings.

Talk about an entrepreneur. 

Check it out here. 

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Return of a serial killer?

I watch waaaaay too much Law and Order, the Closer, etc. I’m the first to admit that.

But an article in LA Weekly published today is a quick reminder that Los Angeles really is the city straight out of the movies. According the the Weekly, a serial murderer, who was MIA for 13 years, is back. Yes, a serial murderer. And no one–the police cheif, city council members, or our celebutant-mayor seem to be too concerned. Maybe it’s because the murders aren’t in Beverly Hills or Westwood. Maybe they think there are more serious matters to attend to (like reelection campaigns). But last time I checked, no one here wants to live a non-fiction version of their favorite television show, so maybe somebody better get on the ball here.

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Why working at clubs is like the end of the world

I have worked at nightclubs for the past couple years. It pays the bills. However, I’ve always known I need to get out of this business ASAP. It’s a little dangerous, especially when the night is over. There are so many drunk people wandering the streets, and sometimes people are of a “rougher” crowd if you will.

 Last night, as I walked to my car at about 2:30 am after work, I found a CRIME SCENE blocking my entrance (and exit) to the parking lot. Yellow tape. Police. And ambulance.


A shooting crime scene with a BODY blocking the driveway.

One drunk guy crossed the tape while I was there, and was promptly arrested as a cop screamed, “There is no way I am letting you contaminate my crime scene.” That’s all I needed to hear.

Needless to say, the police didn’t give a damn about our cars stuck in the lot, and so I have to go pick up my car the next day.

I wasn’t alone in witnessing this mess. A TMZ camera man was walking back to his car when he saw the shooting. His report is here.