Swimmer at any age

I can’t wait for the Olympics. There’s nothing like the top athletes from around the world gathering in one place to compete in all sorts of amazing sports.

But while I wait, I have the trials to entertain me. Lately, it has been the swimmers, and I’ve always thought they look a little less human and a little more dolphin-like as they fly accross the water. And before they jump in they do that flapping thing with their arms– it is amazing.

But, tonight I saw Dara Torres swim in a semifinal. She’s–get this– 41 years old. She swam in her first Olympics the year I was born. Many of her competitors weren’t alive at that time. I am in awe of this woman. She got second in the semi-final, and will be on to the finals tomorrow.

To think that a woman is in that great of shape at that age to swim with the best in the world is truly amazing. But more than that, she’s got a heart to match. Her determination proves that anything is possible.

And that’s why I love the Olympics. The possibilities are endless. A gymnast can land one one foot to win the gold, a rower can win bronze after a severe boating accident which almost cost her a limb, an orphan from Romania can win ice skating gold. You can’t even make this stuff up, it is THAT good.

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