An Ode to Los Angeles

I have started interviews for my next job (any suggestions welcome!), and today someone asked me why I like Los Angeles. Although I know why, I’ve never really had to explain it to anyone else. On the drive home, I took the picture above, and then I thought about all the reasons I love this big, sprawling city.

Sure, LA gets a bad reputation–too much smog and traffic and superficiality. But if you really invest time here, you learn that even if Los Angeles is called the city of “too much,” it is only because anything you could possibly dream of is at your fingertips.

In Los Angeles you can:
surf in the Pacific Ocean, ski in the mountains of big bear, attend a red carpet movie opening, run in the mountains, go to an art gallery opening, soar on a rollercoaster, get a tour of a movie studio, spy on celebrities as they film their next blockbuster, watch a giant fire, go to Disneyland, walk your dog in Beverly Hills, sleep on the beach, climb the Santa Monica stairs, cruise in a convertible, meet 9 million of your neighbors, be an extra in a movie, ride the eco-friendly ferris wheel, eat fondue, see a Jay Leno taping, buy fresh groceries at a farmer’s market, look at the stars at the Griffith Observatory, ride a motorcycle through Malibu, attend a film festival, get a view of the city lights, do a wine tasting, audition for a play, go to a political rally, march in a parade, run into a star at the mall, ride a horse to the Hollywood sign, see WICKED, lounge in a nightclub, write a novel, buy a map of stars’ homes, walk to the grocery store, drive to Vegas, cruise downtown, live in a loft, live in a mansion, and watch history be made.

Basically, it never stops. Anything you could dream of seeing or doing, you can find it here. The city is endless, and so are the possibilities.

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