Expert Traveler? Heck yes!

I’ve always dreamt of a world where efficient people like myself were given their own lines. Too often, I am stuck behind the slow, older woman at the grocery store counting out 77 plastic gift bags, and then paying with a check. Or the guy paying in pennies. Or, in the line of all lines, the airport, those strange individuals who seem to have never been to an airport before. They leave their belts on, they leave their shoes on, and they do not remove their laptops from their backpacks. You see, I am a generally efficient person. I don’t have kids, I carry one bag, and I follow rules. I’ve always thought that should be rewarded.

Thank you very much, LAX. Today, on my way to New Mexico to do some reporting, I discovered a new, glamorous invention called the “Expert Traveler” line. It is heaven on earth. No kids. No slow. No penny counting.

I tried to hold onto this amazing experience, because I am sure in no time the inefficient people of the world will discover this treasure (which only uses the honor system to qualify you as an “expert”) and it will become just as snail-like as the rest of the lines.

But for today, I thank LAX for its validation of my lifestyle.

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