The Re-education of the Female

On the radio today I heard about a book called The Re-education of the Female. I thought, this must be a joke. No one in modern society could get away with writing this book. Even if for some unknown reason it was published, no one would read it, right?

But here it is, on Amazon, for $10.40.

First time author Dante Moore claims that he tells women what men are really thinking–in the most blunt and honest way possible. What a kind man for providing his infinite wisdom on poor little women. Moore, who has never been married, says the book will help women find “a man of quality.”

Here are some great quotes for you:

“Here’s a little secret, ladies. Men never really ask for anything. They command. And believe me, what you won’t do, ten broads around the corner will.”

“The fatter you get, the more you decrease your potential single-man pool. Let me give you an example. When you go to the grocery store to shop, do you pick out the nastiest-looking, most rotten, smelliest fruit or meat you can find? Oh you don’t? Why not? It’s the same with men when they see baby-elephant-sized, out-of-shape women.”

If that is the was a “man of quality” thinks, then I’ll pass.

Moore claims he’s never been in real love, and that’s why he’s never been married. He does seem to also think he is God’s gift to women, ready to bestow his wisdom on us. Thank you Dante, for making a buck of the insecurities of women. What a novel idea.

The Washington Post did a little piece on this genius. Read it here.

**UPDATE: As you can see in my comments, THE Dante Moore himself visited my blog, and had some pretty vapid, pathetic things to say. Check out my response here.

A novel idea
A novel idea