The Re-education of the Female

On the radio today I heard about a book called The Re-education of the Female. I thought, this must be a joke. No one in modern society could get away with writing this book. Even if for some unknown reason it was published, no one would read it, right?

But here it is, on Amazon, for $10.40.

First time author Dante Moore claims that he tells women what men are really thinking–in the most blunt and honest way possible. What a kind man for providing his infinite wisdom on poor little women. Moore, who has never been married, says the book will help women find “a man of quality.”

Here are some great quotes for you:

“Here’s a little secret, ladies. Men never really ask for anything. They command. And believe me, what you won’t do, ten broads around the corner will.”

“The fatter you get, the more you decrease your potential single-man pool. Let me give you an example. When you go to the grocery store to shop, do you pick out the nastiest-looking, most rotten, smelliest fruit or meat you can find? Oh you don’t? Why not? It’s the same with men when they see baby-elephant-sized, out-of-shape women.”

If that is the was a “man of quality” thinks, then I’ll pass.

Moore claims he’s never been in real love, and that’s why he’s never been married. He does seem to also think he is God’s gift to women, ready to bestow his wisdom on us. Thank you Dante, for making a buck of the insecurities of women. What a novel idea.

The Washington Post did a little piece on this genius. Read it here.

**UPDATE: As you can see in my comments, THE Dante Moore himself visited my blog, and had some pretty vapid, pathetic things to say. Check out my response here.

A novel idea
A novel idea

12 thoughts on “The Re-education of the Female”

  1. I also listened to this Dante Moore character on KIIS FM this morning. I was astounded by his comments and opinions on relationships and the male perspective. Clearly, this book is biased and coming only from his point of view! Any independent woman who respects herself would not would not take this guy seriously.

  2. The Re-Educator has entered this blog and graced the female population with his presence. Well, well, well. Look what I happen to come across today on wordpress. Women who disagree with the book before reading it, what a surprise. I’m reading so much sexual frustration from you women. Maybe your complete lack of understanding about men is a major reason why you’re probably single and alone. You better wake up before its to late.

    The Re-Educator

  3. Jesus! “The RE-EDUCATOR has entered this blog?” How pathetic can you be to refer to yourself in third person? The fact of the matter is that you are wrong on so many levels. I remember reading something you said…that your mother once told you to treat women with respect…buddy, I don’t think that your mother is happy with you about this book.

    On another note, I thought that the fight for women’s rights ended a long time ago, apparently we have a long way to go judging by this “book” and that people are actually reading it. Seriously, what this guy is saying is ridiculous and buying and reading this “book” is the last thing that we should do.

  4. I haven’t read his book, but I did read the “teasers” on his website. I’m sorry ladies, but I agreed with 75% of what he said.

    Let’s be honest here – if the statements were written by a woman (for men) they would still hold true. I have re-engineered the previously posted quote:

    “The fatter you get, the more you decrease your potential single-WOMAN pool”


    None of the women I know, myself included, find fat men attractive. None of us would want to have sex with a blubbery whale of a man. Why the shock that men feel the same way about women?

  5. I also completely agree with what he says in his book. Although he could have “sugar coated” the message a little more. For the women who are reacting with anger: You’re being ignorant. Read the book, but leave behind your burn-your-bra complex when you do. The only people who disagree with his part on fat women are the people who are themselves over weight. Just because you don’t like what he is saying doesn’t mean it isn’t true.

  6. As a matter of fact, i will be disagreeing with the individuals who believe every word in this book.

    But i will say men today are very vain. sum men will not want sum1 with a few extra pounds but neither do they like sum1 who will not be substantial materials later in life (NO CONVO and as 4 MEN sexually disable NO ERRICTION).

    wen my boyfren did tell me about his coat i saw that obviously there was sum aspect of agreement with his material.

    But like anything else it is 1s opinion and cannot b relied on as a mass consensus for women. like we can c her sum will agree and other won’t.

    I feel if he did view his mom highly he wud not have said wat he did. because wen 1 gets old they tend to not b as fresh period as wen they were younger.for example drawing on 1 of his logical thoughts is this material (Dante Moore) promoting men to have sex with younger girls because they can easily b maipulate or fresher that older women with experience of life???????

    when he states that women should look good at all times. does he mean men will actually get off their ass and contribute to cleaning and cooking and working and taking care of the kids and giving us sex and taking care of us equally (note the and most men can’t muliti task lol). hence trying to facilitate what it actually takes to support a female.

    if we shud take wat he is sayin literally we wud be as silly as he thinks we are. this is why we knw as women that men will never understand that we compromise all ourself to be with them. its as my mom says, “when u make ur bed u shall lie in it”.

    this poor man is understandable hurt by sum woman and jus decided 2 put it behind him hence the reproduction of his jokes.


    its a gud way of makin money i must agree and indoctrinating people.

  7. WOW! I am glad to see someone else agrees with me here…I wrote a post about his book also. It comes from the standpoint of how, after I purchased the book and read it, he must of thought of me when he first seen me.

    His comments about fat women pale in comparison to the overall tone that resonates within the book which is that sex/oral sex will improve the african-american relationship.

    Furthermore, I see many women snuggling up to big men while riding the train, in restaurants, movies, parks.etc… Its all about preference. Some women don’t like big men and some men don’t like big women. But to say that any man who wants a big woman is just chubby chasing or satisfying a fetish is less than sophomoric. In addition, he also states that black women who are thin should wear padded bras and do squats (to “pump up that ass”) to look more attractive; so, for melody and michelle, he touches lightly on skinny women.

    Sure, men like what they like; however, this book even reduces men down to low levels. To think that a man could care less about what her mind is like is insulting to men in my opinion. The men that I know need more than just sex, relaxation, and food, cause even that gets old.

    There’s more to be said on this work of art; however, I won’t.

  8. Does this sound like a gilted old man’s rant on singldom, single fatherhood and single mindedness?
    Perhaps it is a wish list…. I wish i could find a woman stupid enough to treat me like my mummy did when i was just a little ol’ boy in my choo choo train pajamas!
    Dude, you totally need to grow up!!!
    Of course men want a woman who is gonna do all the things you stated in your book, you’d be crazy if you thought otherwise!
    I wish my man would behave the way you want your women to, dude i’d totally be in heaven, but still i reckon i’d get bored being molly coddled and treated like a little princess by my man!
    You want a little piece of advise???
    Well your gonna get it, so sit the f*%k down and listen up!
    Women want a man who ain’t gonna mistake them for their mother….PERIOD!!!

    We don’t want much, just don’t try turn us into your mother.

    And another thing, there is nothing that dries us women up more than a guy who wants to be treated like a little kid, its sick man, whats next nappies… you know some people have that fetish, are you one of them? Wouldn’t surprise.

    Now, don’t get me wrong, i actually loved your book, that was just me having a rant of my own, hey we are all entitled to it, only here i’m doing it for free…stupid huh? We all know that’s what men are thinking, but you know what? So are we, and your spot on in your book, we seriously don’t give a shit for the stupidity of man.

    But i’m glad you guys now have an outlet to get this shit off your chest, its heavy man, you guys have finally twigged onto how to rant and get all that pent up anger of the opposite sex out, so good for you.

    Hey, us women have been doing it for YEARS!!!

    You certainly have a dream man, sounds like the male version of our romance novels, LOL, we know Fabio ain’t about to sweep us off our feet and ride horesback butt to butt along a white sandy beach, but we still dream about it.

    So dude, keep dreaming, there really is nothing wrong with it.

    And by the way, excellent book man, it was a really interesting read, i do look forward to reading your perspective on what a female wants, perhaps you could co-author it with your girlfriend.

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