LACMA art class

Do you love art? I do! I’m a recreational art user. I love acrylics and chalk mostly, but I’ve been dying to try watercolor.

Well, I searched around Los Angeles, and found art schools that were too much of a commitment and UCLA extension was a heap of money ($400ish) and a bit too long of a commitment.

Then, I found LACMA. I’ve been to the museum, but had never heard of the art classes. I don’t know why there aren’t more well advertised because they are amazing!

I’m currently taking outdoor watercolor with Michael Wright. The class is very relaxing, and a very warm environment. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or advanced because you can simply work at your own pace. There’s never any pressure to finish a piece or rush through anything.

Michael is very encouraging, and helpful. I thought it would be all older retired people, but it’s about half and half. There are several people my age also taking the class.

I would recommend this class to anyone and everyone. The classes are only $150 for 5 weeks and all the art supplies (at least a $100 value) are provided and are yours to keep.

Here’s the link: LACMA

Classes (like mine) sell out, so sign up early.

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