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Flour shower for Lohan


Lindsay Lohan was pelted with a bag of flour as she entered a nightclub in Paris with friend, Sam Rosen. She was wearing a fur stole.

PETA’s blog had this to say about the incident:

Lindsay Lohan’s tan turned noticeably paler tonight after an anti-fur activist showered her with flour at a nightclub in Paris. Lindsay was on her way into the VIP room on the Champs-Elysées just after 1 a.m. early Saturday when she had an entire bag of flour dumped over her head by a French fur foe who shouted, “Lindsay Lohan—fur hag!” “

Lohan was named to PETA’s annual worst-dressed list earlier this year. Her entry read: “I Know Who Killed Me isn’t just the title of Lindsay Lohan’s latest bomb, it’s the cry of the animals snuffed out so that this ‘mean girl’ can pose in their pelts. Lindsay, there’s no road to recovery for the foxes who are anally electrocuted so that you can look skanky.”

PETA has been a harsh critic of Lohan for some timenow, asking her to get rid of her fur-wearing ways.

I’m a big fan of animal rights, and not of a fan of stupid celebrities who do nothing good with their power, so to me this seems pretty much ok. I’m trying really hard to see the other side, just for the sake of those that will argue against me, but I just can’t.

Animals can’t defend themselves against the cruelty of people. And this is not about human freedom to dress how we please. Because it’s about animal rights. We’re not talking about sandals or high heels. We’re talking about living creatures.

For someone with so much money (and so little purpose) it would not take much effort for her to ditch the fur. And maybe gain a LITTLE respect. But that doesn’t seem to be a priority for Lohan in any shape or form.

2 thoughts on “Flour shower for Lohan”

  1. I agree, she does have a lot of money, and a supreme lack of sense..

    Just what is it she does anyway!! Cept for partying and changing sexuality like a dog on heat..?

  2. Pretty much OK? I’m not a fan of fur, but what if someone dumped flour on you because they don’t like people wearing sandles and you were wearing sandles? Would that be OK to you?

    Everyone has a right to wear what they want and they shouldn’t be punished because someone disagrees with what they’re wearing. This applies to all human rights.

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