“Quantum of Solace” Review

Bond: Beautiful and bold, just what we expected.

I’ve never been a fan of action movies. I don’t love violence in films. I’m more of a ‘it’s-all-about-the-story’ kinda gal.

But, with all my heart, I love Bond films.

From Goldfinger to GoldenEye  to Casino Royale, I’ve loved them all. I love them for the James Bond, the Bond Girls and the overwhelming chase scenes. I love them for the amazing, exotic locations and the hard-hitting fights.

So of course, I was pumped to see Quantum of Solace, the follow-up to Casino Royale starring Daniel Craig as James Bond.

And it did not disappoint, mostly.

Quantum is beautiful, exciting and fun. But it does lack the presence of past Bond movies.

In case you forgot, in Royale James Bond loses the love of his life, Vesper. So now, he’s out to find the man who did it, and stop an environmentalist from terrorizing South America.

The film opens with a car chase (Aston Martin, of course) which quickly reminds you of why Bond films rocks……..

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2 thoughts on ““Quantum of Solace” Review”

  1. Quantum of Solace is entertaining at least… a fantastic job with the styling and picture quality, but the movie as a whole could stand to lose six or seven fewer chase scenes

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