Settle it in Court

Went to court today for my mess of a red light ticket.

Luckily, she ground it on down to the original ticket, so I go back to paying the original fine
($360 is still a RIDICULOUS amount, I say).

What was really interesting is the guy before me was in army fatigues. He had the same sort of ticket as I did. After the judge said he could pay for it and go to traffic school (the same as everyone else), he turned to return to his seat.

Then, she said, “Are you in active duty?”

He said yes. Then she asked if he had been to Iraq.

“Yes. For 27 months,” he responded.

She then excused his ticket, and dismissed all charges, in “the name of justice.” They both got a round of applause from the crowd.

I guess she figured if you can spend OVER TWO YEARS in Iraq, she can let  a little ticket go. It was a pretty impressive scene.

1 thought on “Settle it in Court”

  1. She should have excused him from all traffic violations, past, present, and future.

    It’s probably tough to drive when anything on the road could be an IED.

    Cody here is my second friend to die in Iraq.

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