Airport Havoc

Philadelphia (and also Newark it seems) airport have gone to the dogs– as in raining cats and dogs. Weather has caused a certain someone I was supossed to pick up at the airport at 6:30pm to be stuck at the Philly airport until 9pm, so that he will arrive at LAX at 2 :30AM. After waiting on the runway for SIX hours, the plane had to turn around and go back to the gate to refuel, adding a couple more hours onto the wait time.

 And this is after a 9 hour flight from Europe.

Airports and flying are becoming one of the most frustrating vortexes in the world. I used to love traveling– the excitement of the airport, the friendly staff, and even the food. These days, after you take off your shoes, throw away your waters and expensive face cream just to make it through security, and then cram into your tiny seat only to receive water on a cross-country flight, well, all the magic is pretty much gone.

Now, add to that ridiculous delays and the grummbling that airlines are cutting the amount of fuel in the planes, and the experience becomes as much fun as your last dentist appointment.

Something’s gotta change. Or maybe it’s everything that’s gotta change– the economy, gas prices– everything.

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