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Something in the Gotham City Water?

What is going on with this Batman cast? Hollywood seems to still be recovering from the shocking death of Heath Ledger, and now Batman himself is acting very un-hero-like.

Christian Bale was arrested for allegedly lashing out at his mom and sister in London yesterday. Hours after his London premeire, Bale was taken to the Big House.

I’ve always thought Bale looks cool, calm and collected–a very undercontrol human being. But his past is a mess. His mom was a circus actor–a clown and dancer. His family was unconventional, to say the least.  His father ran away to sea.

Regardless of how unconventional his upbringing was, nothing can excuse attacking a woman–especially your famiy members. There’s something much more disturbing about this crime than all those drunk driving and drug charges all the rest of the stars are facing.

Even though all the details of this mess haven’t been released, it seems that The Dark Knight may be cursed…

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