A Week of Lasts

Yesterday, I had my last two classes. And as I walked out of Kenneth Turan‘s film review class at 9:30 p.m., I was struck with how beautiful USC’s campus really is. I walked (in flip-flops mind you) by the beautiful brick buildings, and around the track field, illuminated by the football lights, and all I could think about was how fast these two years had passed me by. I’ve been blessed with some great teachers and mentors, and met some amazing people. I’ve juggled more than I thought possible (two jobs, an internship, and a full school load) and learned about myself and the limitless possibilities of my life. I’ll miss hearing the marching band rehearse, and even dodging the bicycles. But I’m ready for the next chapter of my life. And I know that as each year passes, and USC becomes just a distant memory, it will become all the more clear how truly monumental this time was to my life.

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