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Death of a Nightclub– GOA

I’ve been working in the nightclub business for the past couple of years. While I think bottle service is ridiculous, it has paid for food on my table and a roof over my head.

An added benefit has been a crash course in the business of nightlife. What I’ve realized is that in a city like LA, nightlife is a world of its own.

Clubs come and go faster than a rainstorm or the latest fashion trend here. The best recent example of this is GOA.

I went to GOA right after it opened. A beautiful chain-link ceiling, large spacious rooms and a beautiful crowd made is seemed destined for Hollywood greatness. But it turns out GOA is already floundering.

Because of a licensing conflict, GOA is changing into a restaurant. This Friday is the last night for one of their biggest promotions.

There have been several complaints about the noise and over-capacity of the place as of late, filled with D-list wanna-be-celebs like Heidi Montag. So, the owners are putting in tables, and serving sushi.

Even though they’re trying to stay afloat, most people know that a nightclub serving food doesn’t float well here. You don’t want to dance where you eat, most of the time. So, it is only a matter of time until GOA sinks all together.

Crowd at Goa