To make up for my lack of posting

It’s been a while since I posted. I blame the sickness. All of Los Angeles caught a cold this past week as the temperature dropped a whole five degrees for Fall. Dramatic change, people. I too caught the bug, and was in bed for a bit.

And with the new job, I’ve had less time to post, but enough with the excuses. On to the cats flushing toilets!

I promise for a more intellectual post in the upcoming days.



I’ve always said if I became a multi-millionaire (ok, doubtful) I would buy a big house with a lot of land and adopt a lot of shelter pets to save them from their terrible living conditions and imminent death.

Well, someone beat me to it.

Four hours north of Los Angeles, Cat House on the Kings sits as a hidden oasis for hundreds of cats. While at first she may seem like a “cat lady,” this woman has given these animals an opportunity to have a life–a healthy, enjoyable life roaming the lands and climbing trees.

At the no-kill shelter, all the animals are adoptable. I’m not sure how she handles the costs, and time it takes to care for all these animals, but this is clearly a woman doing good. They take donations. Actually, they need donations to survive.  Here’s a video of this amazing shelter: