D23: ‘Avengers,’ ‘John Carter,’ ‘Muppets’ Interviews on the Red Carpet

I attended Disney’s D23 Expo in Anaheim over the weekend for The Hollywood Reporter, and got to do some fun interviews with the stars of The Avengers, John Carter and the Muppets. Links:

VIDEO: ‘Avengers’ Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Hemsworth On Hypothetical Fight Between Thor and Iron Man 

VIDEO: ‘John Carter’ at D23: Taylor Kitsch and Andrew Stanton Believe in Life on Another Planet

VIDEO: ‘Avengers’ Jeremy Renner and Scarlett Johansson Talk Fight Scenes and Injuries

VIDEO: ‘Avengers’ Tom Hiddleston Talks the Return of Loki

VIDEO: The Avengers’ at D23: Cobie Smulders Reveals the Scene that Made her Sweat 

VIDEO: ‘John Carter’ at D23: Willem Dafoe Describes Filming as a Nine Foot Martian

VIDEO: ‘The Muppets’ at D23: Jason Segel Talks About Their Comedic Influence

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