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The Man Behind the Velvet Rope

My latest piece for Hollywood Patch:

The Man Behind the Velvet Rope: Michael Utsinger
Nightlife promoter Michael Utsinger on creating what he calls a “party salad” at some of Hollywood’s hottest clubs.

If you’ve been to any of Hollywood’s hottest clubs in the past few years, you’ve probably seen Michael Utsinger, 28, standing outside behind the velvet rope, or chatting with his celebrity clients at tables in a dark corner.

Utsinger is one of the biggest promoters in Hollywood, and is currently promoting  Mondays at Teddy’s at the Roosevelt Hotel, Tuesdays at Hemingway’s and Fridays at the newly opened Roxbury.

Utsinger, a Los Angeles native, not only promotes at night, but holds a day job as the president of BoxEight Studios, an arts organization in downtown Los Angeles that puts on art and fashion event year-round, including during Los Angeles fashion week.

Patch sat down with Utsinger at the pool at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel to chat about nightlife and fashion in Hollywood.

Hollywood Patch: How did you get into promoting?

Michael Utsinger: I had some friends that were in the biz, and I was going out a lot, and always just rolled with a big crew. And they were like, ‘Hey Michael, why don’t you roll with a big crew and promote for us?’ It’s been going well. That was about six years ago.

Hollywood Patch: Have you felt there have been changes to the nightlife scene in Hollywood?

Utsinger: Definitely. I think now is one of the craziest times in the club industry in terms of saturation. There’s so many people trying to promote and bring people out. I think the old school, the way I grew up, was with really tight doors, and a handful of promoters in the city only. It was a really tight group of people and other cats just weren’t let into the circle. But now that there are so many clubs opening up, owners have to expand and kind of outsource the promotions and that kind of hurts the quality of the people. So, I think there are only a few kind of niche promoters and scenes left.

Read more at Hollywood Patch.

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