Virgin America’s first flight to Toronto

I was lucky enough to go on a press flight celebrating Virgin America’s first flight to Toronto, Canada. The flight went from LAX to SFO with  Governor Schwarzenegger, Sir Richard Branson and Drake. Then, they held a press conference at SFO with Mayor Gavin Newsom (It was a handsome-a-thon, yes). Next, everyone except Newsom and Schwarzenegger got back on board for the flight to Toronto. In Toronto, the plane was greeted with a red carpet event. I was lucky enough to get an interview with Branson at that time. He’s a great speaker.

We then went to the Thompson Toronto, which is a brand new hotel in downtown Toronto. It’s beautiful, modern and has amazing views from the roof pool. Virgin America went all out with a multi-level party which lasted late into the night.

On the return flight, I was bumped up to first class, and got to really soak in the beauty of that.

But the truth of it is Virgin America is amazing even from coach. With individual touch-screen televisions that allow you to watch television, chat with other people on the plane, play games or watch LIVE television (everyone watched the ESP vs PORTUGAL game live!), Virgin is far above any other airline. On top of that, the in-air wireless feature makes getting work done easier than ever. Some people were even SKYPEing in the air! How amazing!

They also announced their intent to fly to Mexico in the future, which would make vacation trips to Cancun so much more appealing.

Truly, Virgin America is the only way to fly…

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