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Work of Art recap: Turning garbage into gold

I’ve started doing recaps for a new website:

The second episode of Work of Art: The Next Great Artist had the contestants digging through trash, literally, to find their tools to create their art piece. Some artists succeeded with the challenge, while others stumbled. Who won this week’s challenge and who went home?

The episode started off with Nao reflecting on being in the bottom of the group on the last episode, while Miles revealed that stress and sleep deprivation are causing his OCD symptoms to return.

Simon de Pury and China Chow greeted the artists in the workroom, and Simon took them on a walk to reveal their next challenge. He knocks on a big red door, which opens to reveal…junk! Used electronics clutter the room, and it turns out that the artists must use at least one piece of junk in their sculpture. And yes, they must do a sculpture! Jon Kessler, a mixed-medium artist, will be the guest judge for this challenge. His advice for the artists is to be courageous!

See more here.

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