‘Glee’ goes Gaga with a Kiss

The little monsters have arrived.

The Lady Gaga episode tonight had a wonderful rendition of Bad Romance, funky costumes included. They ranged from the celestial costume she wore at the Grammys, to the bubble dress she wore on tour. Kurt (Chris Colfer) wore the huge silver heels.

The other men of the glee club took on a theatrical group of times past, “Kiss.” Also, Rachel (Lea Michelle) tried to bond with her reluctant mom (Idina Menzel).

Kurt’s story line was the most powerful of the night, with Finn and his mom moving into Kurt and his dad’s house. Kurt’s dad, played by Mike O’Malley, has an outstanding scene when he overhears Finn calling some of Kurt’s furniture “faggy.”

Since seeing “Glee” live, I have an ever deeper love for the cast because they’ve proven their talent on the live stage. I can only hope that the minor characters of the cast get ever more time in the spotlight, like Puck’s wonderful “Beth” number tonight.

I have a couple of issues: What is going on with Rachel’s mom? She concocted this whole plan to get Rachel to figure out who she was, and then she bails? But not before singing “Poker Face” in a duet…because she has such a good poker face? I know sometimes we just have to accept their explanations, but c’mon.

Also, does two songs a Gaga episode make? There were just as many Kiss songs. Should we call it the Kiss episode? I guess it’s just the “theatricality episode.”

Also, I miss Sue Sylvester. Where is she?

Here’s the behind the scenes from the Gaga episode:

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