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Week in TV: May 17-23

The series finale of ‘Lost’—and other TV highlights this week
By Rebecca Ford, Metromix

This week, there’s an accumulated three and a half hours of new “Lost” on TV, and that’s not including a couple additional hours of “Lost” reruns and late night talk show post-show specials. It may sound excessive, but for all the Losties out there, it may not be enough. though nothing may ever be enough, because when the series ends this Sunday, so does the journey of the survivors of Flight 815, and just about everyone and their evil twin is wondering how the creators of this show plan on tying up six years of mysterious loose ends.

Outside the “Lost” universe, finales for “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Community,” Parks and Recreation,” The Office” and “30 Rock” also air this week. And with so many ends this week, there’s one glorious new beginning: Fox’s cop comedy, “The Good Guys.”

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