New on DVD

Another weekly feature I’m working on for Metromix is New on DVD, which lists the upcoming DVD releases for the week.

Metromix DVD pick of the week:

“Mad Men: Season 3”
Stars: Jon Hamm, John Slattery, Elisabeth Moss, January Jones, Christina Hendricks

If you thought seasons one and two of “Mad Men” were dramatic, then you’d better hold on to your Gibson martini because season three is all sorts of crazy. The British infiltrate the office when Sterling Cooper is bought out, little Sally Draper is afraid of her new baby brother and Don Draper’s secret identity becomes not-so-secret. Throw in a freak lawnmower accident and a secret gay love tryst, and you’ve got the most potent season yet.

Extras: Commentaries with creator Matthew Weiner and the cast; “Medgar Evers: An Unsung Hero” featurette; “Clearing the Air: The History of Cigarette Advertising” featurette; “We Shall Overcome: The March on Washington” featurette
Price: DVD: $49.98; Blu-Ray: $49.99

See the rest of this week’s here: Metromix.com

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