MTV picks up ‘The Phone’

The 411 on Justin Timberlake’s new adventure game show
By Rebecca Ford
April 20, 2009

MTV picks up 'The Phone'

(Credit: MTV/Mark Mainz)

Most of the time, your phone rings and it’s your mom telling you to make something of yourself. But every once in a while, your phone rings and it’s a mysterious voice recruiting you into a high-stakes adventure game.

MTV and executive producer Justin Timberlake are taking viewers on a relentless ride with their new show, “The Phone.” The six episode series is a competition that simulates what it would be like for viewers to be dropped into the middle of a thrilling adventure movie. (Remember that Michael Douglas flick, “The Game”?)

“‘The Phone’ is a high-intensity game show where we take four real-life people, not actors… and we thrust them into physical and mental nightmare,” Timberlake said in a trailer for the series.

Each week, the lives of four strangers are interrupted by a phone call where a mysterious voice invites them to participate in the game. If they choose yes by pressing “1” on their cell phones, the new contestants begin to trigger dangerous events that propel them into their adventure and the chance to win up to $50,000.

The mysterious voice pairs the contestants up into two teams and instructs them to follow a movie-like drama that leads them through a series of challenges from hanging off the edge of Seattle’s Space Needle to racing into a burning building to save a man’s life.

Check out the trailer for the series at Metromix.

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