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Veggie lovers make better lovers?

So, I’m driving down Sunset Blvd, and one of those obnoxious electric billboards catches my attention. (How could it not? Those things are BRIGHT!)

It is all these women in their skivvies caressing–wait for it–vegetables.

Right before I drove away, the screen said “Studies show that vegetarians have better sex” or something like that.

First of all, gotta love Sunset Blvd.
Secondly, who made this ad, and is it true?

I did some digging and turns out it’s probably a PETA ad, similar to the one that was banned from the Super Bowl for being too naughty.

I’m almost a vegetarian (thinking about taking the plunge now) and fan of PETA, so here’s the ad. Way to get creative, people.

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