RocknRolla Film Review

Review By: Rebecca Ford

I’ve always believed that deep down inside, everyone wants to be a badass. A rebel. A baller.

Or as it’s called in Guy Ritchie’s newest film—a Rocknrolla.

So what exactly is a Rocknrolla? He is the best of the worst. Drugs, sex and rock n’roll are not just a part of his life—they are his life. With Ritchie’s action-comedy set on the streets of London, we all get to visit this world, but thankfully, don’t have to stay in it forever. Because really, no one wants to deal with guns, bongs and torture on a regular basis (I think).

Ritchie, whose past hits Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch also explored the rougher edges of London, finds a rare balance between hard-hitting action and quirky dark humor. The cast of merry madmen, the interweaving of interesting storylines and a unique visual style all add up to a fun time in the underworld of London crime…..

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3 thoughts on “RocknRolla Film Review”

  1. Hooray! I have been saying ‘Rocknrolla’ for years coined from the late , great Bon Scott. It’s pretty cool to think that is coming back to mainstream pop culture.
    I love your site!

  2. I’ve not been to see this film, Guy Ritchie bothers me, I don’t know why, he’s not insulted my family or anything like that, I just can’t forgive him for repeatedly spitting out a formula that only really worked for one picture, LOCK STOCK.

    Who knows, I may be proved wrong, I hope not. 🙂

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