The Emmys- What happened?

The Emmys were bad. I wish I could put a nice red bow on that statement to make it a little gentle. But let’s face it– the hosts were boring, the show was rushed and the presenters ranged from pathetic to uninteresting.

For example, why was LC from ‘The Hills’ presenting? That show, while I DO watch it, belongs no where NEAR the Emmys.

And let’s not forget the technical glitches. The mics didn’t work, there were random shots of doorways, and of course one guy’s acceptance speech got cut off, poor guy. I can’t even remember who it was…

Sure there were moments of funny. Thank goodness for Ricky Gervais. That guy is funny. His bit with Steve Carell was maybe the high point of the evening (by the way, both of them were ROBBED in my opinion.)

The Emmy planners thought it would be really creative to have the five nominees for Best Reality Host host the show– but they must have forgotten that that would be awkward and uncomfortable. Because that’s all it was.

If anything, the Emmys only saving grace was reminding me of the great shows that will start up this week and next: the Office, Grey’s, etc etc…. Thank goodness for that.

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