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Liar, Liar pants on fire

I’ve been out of the country more times than vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin. And that was BEFORE the news discovered that she’s actually been exaggerating her ONE overseas trip.

According to news reports, she actually DID NOT go into Iraq. And her trip to Ireland? oh yea, that was just a refueling stop. If I counted all the places I’ve refueled or changed plans… well, I’d have been to a lot more places.

Knowing what the rest of the world is like is a VERY important point for the leaders of our country. We’re already filled with such American-centric people, we don’t need them running our country. I love the U.S. compeletly, but you must know how the rest of the world lives.

This woman just gets worse and worse….

3 thoughts on “Liar, Liar pants on fire”

  1. While I applaud the Republican Party for nominating their first woman VP – remember that the Democrats did long ago – I would ask you: Does this particular woman represent the values you hold and does she have the knowledge to take over the presidency should McCain suddenly die in office?

    One of the things that haunts me is: What if McCain suddenly dies on day two of his administration? Does she have enough foreign affairs knowledge to take over as President on day two or day one?

    Palin admitted that she’s not been interested in or paid any attention to foreign affairs. She’s admitted she does she not know about international affairs in order to deal with the extremely complex issues facing our foreign affairs. Can w…or should we…trust her admitted lack of knowledge to lead our country forward safely? That is the extremely important question.

    Sen. Clinton could have handled the issues. She has the knowledge. Palin, by her own admission, does not.

    And that is what concerns me. I don’t care about her personal life. I don’t care about her religion. I don’t even care that she’s female as opposed to male.

    I believe in HIRING THE BEST person for the job.

    Yes, I long for the day when a woman becomes President of the U.S. Hell, I personally have experienced all the discrimination and prejudice dumped on women. But that does not mean I want an unqualified woman to become the leader of the free world just because she’s a woman.

    I mean would you want your company to promote a female co-worker, regardless of her experience and knowledge, to CEO just because she’s a woman? Wouldn’t you want that female to be a knowledge leader in the field …or at least highly knowledgeable in the field…in order to make the company grow in order to preserve your job and your benefits and increase your salary?

    Tell the truth, if you had a choice in your company’s management, who would you choose: A male who had lots lots of experience and knowledge or a female who admitted that she had almost no interest and no knowledge? Who would you bet your salary and job on?

    That IS what counts. If you vote for McCain solely because he chose Gov. Palin, you’re saying that knowledge doesn’t count. Just as you would be saying to your company that experience and knowledge don’t count when hiring a CEO.

    And for those of you who say she’ll have time to learn, I point to the fact that many presidents have died early in office and that McCain is 72. Sure he may live long like his mother. But I too had grandmothers that lived well over 100; yet my father, their son and grandson, died at 73. There is no way of knowing how long a President…any President…will live. Several Presidents have died almost upon taking the oath of office. That is why it is so important to choose a VP who can immediately step into the shoes of the President.

    We no longer live in an isolated world where the VP can be a novice in world affairs. We’re too interconnected politically, socially, and financially. We need a VP, regardless of gender, who understands this interconnectedness upon assumption of the office. If not, we as a country are doomed to repeat or make worse the mistakes of the past seven years.

    As a female who really has experienced and dealt with all the prejudice issues regarding female abilities, capabilities, knowledge base and so much more, I still want to hire the best “person” for the job, regardless of gender,..because gender means a whole lot less to me than knowledge and ability.

    I want our country to regain its competitive edge in a world economy. I want the U.S. to export the highest and best technology the world has to offer. I want us to grow jobs. I want the rest of the world to look at the US and say, “hey, that’s the kind of place where I want to live. ” I want to keep our country safe and growing, But to get to that point again, we need to have leaders, regardless of gender or race or religion, who understand the world and world politics.

    Can you HONESTLY say Sarah Palin has the knowledge of world affairs and economics to negotiate with often hostile foreign leaders — or at the very least, leaders who seek their own country’s self interest — and keep our country safe, grow our economy in a world economy, and provide the kind of economic and social leadership our country needs. I ask you to remember too that according to all economic indicators we are at the tipping point of a major, catastrophic depression.

    Does she have the knowledge to take over from McCain? We’re not asking her to be the Gov of Rhode Island, we’re asking her to possibly be the leader of the free world…potentially to take over the most important position in the world. And potentially take over that position on day one or two after assuming office.

    What is at stake is not whether she breaks the deplorable “glass ceiling” but whether she has the knowledge and ability on day one to lead our country forward and protect it from all the many threats, both military and financial, that could harm us.

    As a woman who has quite literally dealt with all many and disgusting prejudices that have been thrown against women, I simply do no believe that Sarah Palin has either the experience or knowledge to keep our country safe.

    Therefore, I cannot support her.

  2. Oh my God, she should be shot!


    It’s funny, but the same things that Liberals use as reasons not to have Sarah Palin as a Vice President, are seen as insignificant when the same things are applied to their Presidential candidate.

  3. Well, I do agree that it’s obviously a good thing that anyone running for office (or just anyone in general) should leave their home country to see others, on the other hand its kinda false to say that because you’ve had a holiday somewhere for 1-2 wks, you know how people in city/country X live. I’ve been to quite a few places (I’m from the UK) and have been to France for example, many times, but all for short periods. I didn’t suddenly understand the French mindset as I was doing tourist type stuff and with other English people (family/friends). I mean, the one thing you CAN pick up from foreign travel is that everyone, everywhere want the same thing for them and their loved ones. I’ve been to Iran and had fun chats with taxi drivers who want to try out their English, tell us why Iranians aren’t evil etc, and to convey that message to people I know back home… well that is a good thing about travel. I didn’t see how all Iranians lived, but I did actually speak to a few, from which I can now deduce that they’re not all crazed maniacs as many in politics/the media would have us believe! 😛

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