Sharkeez- Hermosa Beach reopens– A review

Hermosa’s most popular bar is ready for its comeback after burning down two years ago

By Rebecca Ford

Two years ago, Sharkeez in Hermosa Beach caught fire in the dark of night. The 80-year-old building burned to the ground, and by morning Hermosa Beach’s most famous bar was reduced to ashes.

But last month, the new and improved Sharkeez reopened after a $2 million rebuild. While keeping the same basic layout as the original, the beachside bar has undergone some serious upgrades. What was once beach-shack casual has turned pirate chic. Sharkeez now also offers a full food menu seven days a week, during all business hours. Add to that spiffy new LED lighting, a top-of-the-line DJ system and a disco ball. Luckily, Sharkeez has managed to keep the Cabo-like laid-back party atmosphere alive…

…see the rest at Metromix

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