‘Mad Men’s’ Christina Hendricks Stars in EA’s ‘Need for Speed’ (Video)



By Rebecca Ford, THR

Christina Hendricks has been busy on her long hiatus from AMC’s Mad Men.

Not only did she star in this summer’s dark thriller Drive and do a play in New York, but she also had time to star in a video game: Need for Speed The Run.

Hendricks stars in the game as Sam Harper, a wealthy woman who manages the best drivers in the cutthroat world of outlaw street racing. She teams up with a young driver, Jack Rourke (Sean FarisThe Vampire Diaries), for a cross-country race for a $25 million prize.

“She’s got a lot of money riding on it, but she’s also sort of protecting him because he’s from the old hood” Hendricks said of her character in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

Read more at The Hollywood Reporter.

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